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LaTonya has been independently motivating, encouraging, and supporting women through toxic relationships for several years. Her educational background includes a master's degree in human services and a bachelor's degree in journalism, has led her to blog on social media platforms that focus on parenting, family matters, and mental health. LaTonya has experience as a mental health therapist and has worked with several social service agencies. What makes her unique as a professional is her humble approach to connect with women through education and empowerment from her personal experiences. We invite you to click around and discover the many ways LaTonya maybe of service to you! 

Word Around Town...


"As illustrated in her new book, I'm Celibate, Now What? LaTonya has experienced the many faces of life and still remains strong. She is my go to person for advice, encouragement, ideas, or ways to improve my quality of life. Her go getter mentality keeps me focus on my career goals and she reminds me why it is important to keep people close to you that holds you accountable and motivate you to be better. Having a person like Latonya in your life is priceless!" 

A.S., Columbia, SC


"LaTonya is a one of a kind. She is a selfless, warm-hearted woman who enjoys helping others accomplish their goals. Her blog post displays her passion for family and children which I love about her. Keep up the good work!" 

L.K., Philadelphia, PA, 

Important Dates

I'm Celibate, Now What?

-Release Date, January 2019. 


"Ms. LaTonya is very helpful and always willing to help me when I need her. She is easy to talk to when I need some advice and she told me the importance of getting an education and appreciating a good, loving home. She shared with me her personal experience which changed my outlook on life when I was headed down the wrong path. I appreciate you Ms. LaTonya for restoring my hope in life."

B.O., Atlanta, GA.


"LaTonya is very respectful, friendly, and professional. She is knowledgable about what it is she does and shares this information in her upcoming book. She cares about the needs of others and makes you feel comfortable when you are around her." 

J.H., Columbia, SC 



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